Newsletter — October 2020

October Newsletter

We are proud to say that St. Basil Academy is open for the 2020-21 school year with the privilege and joy of meeting with our students in the classroom, in person! Our staff have worked diligently to create guidelines and procedures that meet WA state requirements for health and safety of our students and staff.  SBA staff and board believe that we can safely educate our students at the school and that it is best for the students and families to receive the educational, social, and spiritual support in person.

Child in facemaskStudents are thrilled to be back at school

It’s more fun and easier to learn when at school than on a computer.”

“It’s nice to have something normal with everything crazy going on.”

“It’s fun to be with friends and teachers again.”

While it has been a challenging summer we have been blessed to welcome a new Principal, Nima Duncan. Nima has joined us from Portland, where he had extensive experience in Christian Orthodox education. His talented and thoughtful approach has been truly helpful in developing the protocols to keep families safe at St Basil Academy.  Nima has also done a marvelous job of networking with all the families, staff, and board in making decisions.  Thank you, Nima for all you have done and continue to do.

Parents are grateful to have their children back in school at SBA

“The work the teachers and staff did and continue to do to make sure our kids could meet in person is a blessing to our whole family. Thank you Saint Basil Academy!”

“A fifth grader begins running across the playground. I asked him why he’s rubbing his jaw, since I’m monitoring recess play. He replies: It hurts from smiling too much.”

We have a strong staff of committed teachers who have been planning for both in-person and virtual education should the need arrive.  We are grateful for our students, the families, the full load of courses we offer, our volunteers, our wonderful facility, and all of you who have supported us in both prayer and in financial support!

Please pray for us as we navigate the new school year with its rewards and challenges as well as additional expenditures due to the Covid 19 pandemic and associated regulations.


The staff, families and board of St Basil Academy


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