Tuition Grant Program

The Saint Basil Academy Tuition Grant Program provides partial tuition assistance for families who would otherwise be unable to send their children to private school. Although the family bears the primary responsibility for the student’s educational costs, there may be additional resources available to assist in your efforts.

The Tuition Grant program is funded by donations, the annual fundraising campaign, and may be complemented by the general fund. Tuition grants may be awarded to students who meet the school’s policy for allocation and the guidelines set by the grant committee. This program assists families who wish to educate their children in harmony with Saint Basil Academy Mission Statement.

The Tuition Grant Committee is a third party group exclusive of St Basil Academy staff members and most board members. The Grant Committee will review applications and decide the amount of aid awarded. The amount of funds available, the number of families who apply and the tuition cost, each affect how much the school can offer any student applying. Tuition decisions are made once per school year in August. Tuition grants are awarded for a single school year to allow St. Basil Academy to assist as many students and their families as possible.

Tuition Grant Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicants must submit a full application packet to the St Basil Academy Bookkeeper on or before August 7th.
  2. Tuition grants are awarded based on financial need.
  3. Tuition grants will not exceed 50% of tuition cost and grants awarded may not take a family below an average tuition of $2,000 per student, including any other discounts.
  4. Tuition grants are not retroactive and do not need to be repaid.
  5. Tuition accounts must be kept current throughout the school year.
  6. Grant contributions to tuition end at the time of an early student withdrawal.
  7. Relatives of Grant Committee Members are not eligible for Tuition Grants.

An additional amount may be available for financial need arising throughout the year (to families who are not already receiving a grant). In such cases, the tuition grant committee will meet on a case-by-case basis to make a grant decision.

Tuition Grant Application Instructions

Thanks to the generosity of donors and benefactors, Saint Basil Academy is pleased to be able to consider students for tuition assistance. So that all applicants may be considered fairly, please pay careful attention to the following instructions.

  1. Forms with missing information cannot be processed. Please complete all blanks!
  2. Grant awards are for Individual students. However, in order to simplify the application process, we are now able to receive one application package per family. Please ensure you are using the most current application form.
  3. Application packages may be mailed or emailed to
  4. Saint Basil Academy is accountable to the IRS for accurate information on grant recipients. Please use your own and your child’s legal name.
  5. In order for the Grant Committee to consider all applicants and make grant decisions, your application must be post marked or received by the bookkeeper on or before the posted deadline (July 31).

Separated Family Policy

Either or both parents may apply for a tuition grant for their child(ren). However, keep in mind that awards are made for an individual child rather than for each application. Please contact our bookkeeper at about your specific case, and she will assist you on an individualized basis.


Before you seal your application package, make sure it contains the following:

  1. Completed application form with all fields filled.
  2. Financial documentation (most recent tax return AND ALL corresponding W2s/1099s).

Return completed application package to:
St. Basil Academy
2346 S. Wilbur Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Tuition Grant Application Form PDF Download