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Ninth Grade at Saint Basil Academy

Welcome to Ninth Grade at Saint Basil Academy

Thank you for inquiring about 2021-2022 enrollment for Ninth Grade Humanities at Saint Basil Academy in Walla Walla. We offer a robust course load which includes English Composition, English Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, World History, and Faith.

Our half day school schedule grants flexibility in scheduling any outside coursework.

Spanish Language and Literature consists of mid to upper level Spanish language acquisition to further develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Interpretation of texts and dialogue are put into practice in small groups.

English Composition focuses on honing a variety of writing skills. Emphasis is placed on literary elements, finessed grammar, creativity of each student’s craft, and critical analyses.

English Literature explores a wealth of literary genres such as magical realism, fiction, poetry, memoir, short-story, biography, and other non-fiction.

Our study of 20th Century History zeroes in on the upheavals of this current time as well as presenting personal perspectives through biographies and historical novels. This honors level course includes research projects, oral reports, geopolitical map studies and current events.

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