Welcome from the Principal

Principal Nima DuncanI believe the truest form of freedom that an individual can attain is spiritual freedom. Usually when we hear about “freedom” it is in the context of politics, the relationships we keep, consumer choice and so on. There is no doubt that such freedom is quite valuable, but it is not freedom in its deepest sense. The freedom that God has given the world is beyond government, family and market options. His freedom for us is deep- er because it opens our hearts.

The years of youth are a time of wonder and discovery. Our curriculum and daily routine provide a comforting way for students to mature their intellect and forge new relationships. But Saint Basil Academy is also a safe place for them to explore the deeper questions of life. Here they can choose to discover God’s great love for humanity, shining brightly in the face of His Son Jesus Christ.

“Choose” is the operative word. God gives us a choice. We as a school respect this choice, while also giving spiritually healthy teachings that benefit students and staff.

Saint Paul teaches us that “it is for freedom that Christ set us free” (Gal 5:1). What does this mean? It means that He has given us the potential to open our hearts to Him and our fellow human beings. This is the potential we can attain both as individuals and as a school family.

No matter what anxiety is being carried around in the world, we have a chance to be a safe haven for our community. Our freedom as a Christian place gives us the opportunity to overcome doubt with faith, fear with courage and confusion with truth. Imagine the possibilities if we come together and attain such freedom!

Looking forward to good things,

Nima Duncan, Principal