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Graduation 2022

Our 2022 Graduation program began with presentations by each classroom, showcasing everything from poetry recitation and grammar songs to folk songs and research project presentations. The growth and expansion of each student was celebrated by all under gorgeous skies on the Saint Basil Academy campus. All was undergirded by opening and closing prayers led by Fr. Daniel Reese, Kinder/music teacher Miss Mara Lewis, Headmaster and 4/5 head teacher Mr. Nima Duncan, Grades 1-3 teacher (as well as many other classes!) Mrs. Katherine Thompson, 6-8th grade Head Teacher Mr. Brandon Thompson and Assistant Drama/Music and More Teacher Miss Philippa Waucek.

The program continued with a presentation by the 9th grade cohort, and our 8th Grade Graduation celebrating each 8th grader’s unique growth and contribution to our school.

The program wrapped up by celebrating each teacher and staff member for their immensely valuable contributions throughout the school year! Special thanks were extended to Mrs. Katherine Thompson and Mrs. Elizabeth Reese for their contributions since the school’s founding over a decade ago.

Graduation ceremonyGraduation ceremony
Graduation ceremonyGraduation ceremony

A very special congratulations to our graduating 8th grade class. We look forward to what God will bring in your lives ahead, Cora, Liam, Tyler, Nina and Lila! May God grant you many years!

Happy Graduation!

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