Benefits of Classical Education

  • Exposure to the finest literature, art, and thought available.
  • Rigorous training in preparation for life-long learning.
  • Progressional stages that mirror development of young scholars.
  • Training in Latin to exercise the mind, increase the vocabulary, aid in grammatical knowledge and provide a foundation for Romance languages such as Spanish.
  • Instruction in broad based history enabling students to gain perspective on their life and times.
  • Systematic coverage of core concepts and firm dedication to developing students’ critical thinking and communication skills.

Why Enroll?

  • Broad based education examining the finest in achievement through a Christian world view.
  • Commitment to teaching core concepts as well as higher level thinking skills.
  • Flexible placement in core subjects to maximize learning.
  • Reliance on nationally recognized assessments for objective measure of learning.
  • An intimate Christian environment where students feel part of a safe and welcoming community.
  • Adequate recreational time for students mental well-being and physical health.