My Three Favorite Books by Selah Kone – 6th Grade

Into the Wild, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and The Melting of Maggie Bean are all very praiseworthy books. Into the Wild, which is the first book in the series "Warriors", is very thrilling. Into the Wild is about four clans of cats living bravely in the forest. The main cat’s name is Rusty and he is referred to as a "Kittypet", … [Read more...]

Wild Cats by Andrew Hall – 2nd Grade

Wild Cats are fierce creatures. Tigers are very fierce. They are mighty hunters. Tigers hunt in water and on land. Felines pounce to catch their prey.Lions stay in big prides. Lions take big naps every day. Lions are good hunters. Lions are very big cats.Cheetahs are very big cats. Some male cheetahs work in coalitions. Baby cheetahs are very … [Read more...]


This academic year of 2012–2013 A.D., the elementary school students in science are studying the subject of Astronomy. Beginning with the Sun, the students will have an in-depth exploration of every planet in the Solar System, plus the things that lie beyond to the farthest reaches of the universe. The students are currently on the planet Venus. … [Read more...]

2013-14 Registration

We are excited to announce the beginning of the 2013-14 recruitment period. A number of prospective families have already contacted us and will be visiting our school soon. One of the most powerful means of recruitment is through word of mouth. If you know families that have expressed interest, or could be a good addition to our little school, … [Read more...]

September 2012 Newsletter

The September 2012 edition of The St. Basil Clarion is here! Back to School!  Remarkable as it may sound, the first month of school is rapidly coming to an end. Students have from the outset been excited and engaged as St. Basil’s begins its 7th year of operation. On behalf of the staff, I would like to thank our amazing parents for their … [Read more...]

Get involved!

Since August, St. Basil’s has benefited from the time and energy of numer-ous volunteer parents, parishioners, and commu-nity supporters. The benefits to the students are innumerable. Through volunteer participation, the school grounds and building were prepared and beautified so as to provide a welcoming and inviting place where students can … [Read more...]

Student presentations

Middle school students researched and wrote their first report of the year on one of 15 prominent Native American tribes. Their projects culminated in a series of informative and entertaining class presentations. Students are continuing with their study as they begin to research famous explorers and adventures of the New World. At right, St. Basil … [Read more...]

Algo Nuevo En San Basil

For the academic year of 2012–2013 A.D., the middle school students at Saint Basil are engaged in the study of Spanish. The aim of the class is to lay a foundation in the communicative ability of this foreign language. Thus far, the class has proven to be very popular. It is surprising to see so much interest in learning a foreign language, which … [Read more...]

Land Ho!

  Upper and Lower level students alike are engaged in a journey into a world of danger and wonder. Students join with explorers as they sail unknown coasts and peer into the dark mysteries of an unchartered world. They join with the indigenous peoples of our New World as they encounter and are challenged by these strange men from across the … [Read more...]


Students at Saint Basil Academy begin learning Latin in our Prima Latina course. Starting with vowel and consonant sounds, diphthongs and basic vocabulary, these students form the foundation that takes them into First Form Latin. This class is a beginning Latin grammar course. Prayers, songs, history lessons, and games are utilized to teach … [Read more...]